Kenzie Marie Gets A Helping Hand From Daisy!

by Brazzers

Daisy and Kenzie Marie seem to know exactly what they are looking for in a new roommate. He has to be clean, respectful, know how to party and especially know how to FUCK THEM HARD!! Ralph was surprised to see how wild these two girls were and he loved fucking the shit out of these two hotties watch as Daiey forces Kenzie Marie on to his dick!

2 thoughts on “Kenzie Marie Gets A Helping Hand From Daisy!”

  1. Jimbo says:

    kenzie and daisy are just the best hot girls I ever seen.. I would Like to keep watching their porn Videos.. i Love kenzie..

  2. Lisa and Paul says:

    It was really fun to see both of the “Marie’s” here. We’re big fan of Daisy’s and the pure fun she brings to sex, like her amusing banter here watching her roommate get fucked in front of her (“We like sharing!”) Yeah, so do we. 🙂

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